Personal Care

Personal Care Assistant

Personal Care Assistants provide care, in a client’s own home, on an arranged hourly basis. Doing so enables the clients to maintain their independence for as long as possible. Personal Care Assistants are appropriate for those who are in need of respite care, or short term care after discharge from the hospital without the need of around-the-clock safety supervision.
Clients that require a Personal Care Assistant have a diverse range of needs, personalities and lifestyles and it’s important that they are the right fit for each other. After the initial assessment we will be able to match the best caregiver for each client in need.

Why Choose a Personal Care Assistant ?

With the help of a Personal Care Assistant, clients are able to stay in their own home as long as their safety is not compromised at night. This avoids unnecessary change, and the many risks and lifestyle disruptions of a nursing home. The client is in a familiar and comfortable environment, having care and companionship as needed, as well as having the many benefits of being around their partners and pets. They allow visits from family and friends as often as they like.

Key responsibilities may include, but are not limited to:

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